International Space Station News

25th Sep 2019

Team of Global Space explorers, Including First Joined Middle Easterner Emirates National, Takes Off For Universal Space StationJoined Bedouin Emirates space explorer Hazza Al Mansouri, focus, Russian … read more

Wildlife Sanctuaries in the Florida Keys

17th Sep 2019

They’re somewhere between zoos and animal hospitals – non-profit facilities where injured flora and fauna goes to get better and wherein creatures that may’t pass again to the wild can stay out their … read more
The new Florida Tourism

The new Florida Tourism

9th Sep 2019

The history of the United States did not begin in the 17th century with the English or with the declaration of independence of 1776. Long before, in 1513, Juan Ponce de León had already discovered Flo … read more
Myth of Spanish Destruction of the Indians

Myth of Spanish Destruction of the Indians

Posted by Mani Miami on 30th Aug 2019

This was the struggle in the Spanish Empire to defend the rights of the indigenous populationIsabel "la Católica" already warned in the Royal Provision of December 20, 1503 against the possible excess … read more