Visit Miami Best Apps to get you around in 2020

Posted by Mani Miami on 8th Feb 2020

UberSay what you will about the “sharing economy” and the likes of Uber and AirBnB being the antichrist; as a Uber is a godsend.Google TranslateA favourite of any traveler; Google Translate is br … read more

Miami Everglades Tour | January 2020

Posted by Mani Miami on 26th Jan 2020

Miami Everglades Tours With Airboat Ride With a 30-minute airboat ride facilitated by an expert guide and a 20-minute natural life appear, we are certain about our capacity to engage you each second o … read more

Freedom Tower Miami | Miami Sightseing

Posted by Mani Miami on 3rd Jan 2020

Developed in 1925 as a home for The Miami News, the Freedom Tower at Miami Dade College was designed according to the Giralda Cathedral Bell Tower in Seville, Spain. Striking in its structural detail … read more