Miami Torus | Pigeon wings plant | Everglades Tours


Perennial herb 6 - 20 inches tall, with erect, purplish, waxy stems. Leaves alternate, with 3 leathery leaflets, 0.8 to 2

inches long, narrowly oblong, leaflet tip rounded with a minute bristle, upper surface dark green with conspicuous veins, lower surface pale

green and waxy. Flowers showy, fragrant; 2 short wing petals curve forward, almost covering 2 keel petals; banner petal almost 2 inches

long, pink to lavender-blue with purplish veins and large white spot; flowers twisted on their stalks so that the banner petal is lowest.

Fruit a pod, 1 - 2 inches long on 0.5-inch stalk, waxy, flattened, depressed between the seeds. 

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