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 Description: A small shiner measuring 1.3 - 1.9 in. (33 - 48 mm); olive colored with a dark lateral stripe bordered above by a narrow 

amber stripe, a dark caudal spot highlighted by light-colored areas above and below, and a blue “nose” (adults only). Adult males have

large, darkly pigmented dorsal fins and yellow pelvic and anal fins streaked with black. Similar Species: Adults are unmistakable. Young

are similar to several small shiners with a dark lateral band: the iron colored shiner  has an intensely pigmented mouth interior;

the coastal shiner has a much smaller caudal spot; the weed shiner also has a small caudal spot. These species tend to have the

dorsal fin positioned above (equal to) the pelvic fins versus posteriorly in the bluenose shiner.

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