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Occurring only in the U.S. state of Florida, the Florida perforate reindeer lichen (Cladonia perforata) is an Endangered lichen threatened by the loss of its scrub habitat. A terrestrial lichen, this species forms large, dense clusters, two to six centimetres tall. It is easily recognised by the conspicuous holes at the base of each wide, smooth, yellowish grey-green, forked branch. 

Cladonia Perforata is a rare species of lichen known by the common names Florida perforate Cladonia and Florida perforate reindeer lichen. It is endemic to the state of Florida in the United States, where it is known from 16 populations in four widely separated areas of the state [1]. It is native to a very specific type of Florida scrub habitat which is increasingly rare and patchy due to habitat destruction, degradation, and fragmentation. 

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