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The Georgia blind salamander is a fully aquatic troglobite (cave-dweller) that averages 2.5 - 5.0 cm (1 - 2 inches) in total length, though some individuals

may exceed 7.6 cm (3 inches). Its somewhat translucent body is pinkish- to silverish-white and, especially in juveniles, small, faint specks are apparent.

Bright red, bushy gills are located on each side of the body just behind the slightly flattened, wide head. Minute, dark eye spots can be seen below the skin

of juveniles. The tail of this salamander is laterally flattened and equipped with a dorsal fin for easier locomotion. The legs are relatively long and thin. 

This species can be found throughout the Marianna Lowlands-Dougherty Plain physiographic region, in the states of Florida and Georgia, USA. It is known from several caves in

Jackson County, Florida; also occurs in Dougherty and Decatur counties, Georgia. It occurs in at least two sites in Georgia and at least 11 sites in Jackson County, Florida and the Florida Everglades. 

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