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The back is brown to olive with six to seven dark brown saddles. The sides have medial blotches that may join with saddles to form7-11

dark green or brown vertical bars. There are two large darks spots at the base of the caudal fin. There are smaller dark spots at the base of the

caudal, pectoral and pelvic fins. The spinous dorsal fin has dark anterior and posterior spots a red marginal band, and a brown submarginal

band. The postorbital bars are narrow, but extend onto the underside of the head; the preorbital bars are well developed. Breeding males have

more intense colors, including bright green on the sides a wide red marginal band in the spinous dorsal fin, dusky pelvic fins, and turquoise gill

membranes (Page 1983; Ross 2001).

Reference(s): Ross, S.T. 2001. Inland fishes of Mississippi. University Press of Mississippi, Jackson. 624 pp.


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