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The Key Largo woodrat lives in tropical hardwood hammocks in Key Largo. This small rodent once ranged throughout all of Key Largo, but

today is limited to the northernmost portions. Known for its habit of building large stick houses, Key Largo woodrats depend heavily on the natural

vegetation of the tropical hardwood hammocks to obtain material for constructing these houses. Although large portions of the remaining habitat

are now in protection, there has been such a reduction in its total range and habitat that the future of this species remains in an endangered condition.

The color of the Key Largo woodrat is described as sepia or grey-brown above shading into cinnamon on the sides, with cream or white ventral coloration.

The forefeet are white to the wrist and the hindfeet are primarily white to the ankles. The Key Largo woodrat has large ears, protuberant eyes, and a hairy tail.


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