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The Schaus swallowtail butterfly is a large blackish-brown swallowtail butterfly with contrasting markings that are mostly dull yellow (Klots 1951, Pyle 1981,

Opler and Krizek 1984). The males' antennae are black with a yellow knob while the The males' antennae are black with a yellow knob while the while the

femaleĀ’'s antennae are solid black. Their forewings have a dull yellow median band from the apex to about midpoint of the inner margin, with a short side branch

which extends about one-third the distance from the apex. Their subterminal and terminal lines consist of lunula yellow spots from apex to anal angle. Their

hind wings have a yellow median band continuing that of the forewing, and a submarginal row of large yellow lunular spots; the concavities of a deeply scalloped

outermargin have yellow edging. Their blackish tail is straight-edged, and is bordered with yellow. 


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