Miami Everglades Tour - Half Day

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Everglades Tour Miami

The Miami Everglades tour includes:

  • Park entrance.
  • Airboat Ride through the Everglades. 
  • Live Wildlife Show. 
  • Door to door hotel service.
  • Sales Tax.

 The Everglades tour Miami excludes:

  • Gratuity
  • Meals

Everglades Airboat Tours amenities and highlights:

  •  30 minute airboat ride, with a professional guide.
  •  20 minute wildlife show (with photo shoot ops)
  •  Souvenir and gift shop
  •  On site restaurant


An Introduction to the Miami Everglades Tour

Nicknamed Ten Thousand Islands for a reason, the tropical wetlands of the Everglades offers a glance into an unimaginable world. Home to a rich history,these grounds are a portal into an alternate world that are nothing short than mesmerizing. With an engaging presentation of the Spanish lore and knowledgeable accounts of the different animal and plant species around, our Everglades tour is crafted to keep you entertained and in awe.

You will have the opportunity to witness species that National Geographic has only been able to show you before. With an introduction to the American alligator, turtles, snakes, American crocodiles, fish, and exotic birds such as the national Bald Eagle and the Red Shouldered Hawk, we are excited to get the opportunity to explore the park with you.

A Glance into the Experience that Awaits You

We will provide complimentary pick-up from your hotel, taking you right into the heart of the park. Upon arrival, we will let you familiarize yourself with the area before we begin with the tour.

Our airboat tour is designed to take you on an intimate ride into the thick of the land, providing a first-hand experience in discovering the beauty of the thousands of different species of animals and plants that call it home (not to mention the broad history to illustrate). This will be our main goal while we go deep into the swamp and help you in learning about the mystical land.


Miami Everglades Tours With Airboat Ride

With a 30-minute airboat ride hosted by a professional guide and a 20-minute wildlife show, we are confident in our ability to entertain you every second of the way. There will also be a souvenir shop and restaurant on-site for you to explore.

Afterward, we offer complimentary hotel drop-off. With the Miami beach only approximately 35 minutes away from the park, there is an array of activities awaiting you for the second half of the day.

We are sincere in sharing our passion of this land with you and your friends or family. There is nothing else in the US like the Everglades National Park—we are blessed with the honor of bringing the amazement of the land literally right within your reach.

If you are looking for something a bit more intimate with your friends and family, we also provide private Everglades air boat tours. These are available in English or Spanish. We pride ourselves in consistently receiving positive tour reviews.


Everglades Tour Tips and Hints:

When choosing a tour company, it is important to always ask the following questions:

Are the buses insured and have liability insurance?
Is hotel pick-up, drop-off, and all taxes included in the price?

How long is the activity going to be?


Miami Everglades Tour with Airboat Ride

We are happy to say that we have a fully-insured fleet of buses, all of the necessary insurance, provide pick-up and drop-off complimentary, include the tax in the purchase price, and host an airboat tour that is 10-15 minutes longer than the average tour.

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